DiSC Motive Coach

Allow change by deep cognitive coaching


Name: Per-Erik Persson
Email: per-erik@motive.management
Phone: +46707178718


DiSC is a tool that allows us to distinguish our core qualities. DiSC also provides a neutral language to describe how we differ from each other. Used in the right way DiSC becomes a shortcut to peaceful understanding of each other. That’s why it’s a globally appreciated tool.

You will learn more about yourself in order to help others understand themselves. Our reports are tailor-made to suit a variety of challenges, such as management, cooperation, sales and strategic positions.

You will learn from senior consultants that we have a proven track record with companies and individuals. Our experience will help you create value for others.


You will be able to order and use a variety of DiSC reports after completion. You will learn how to coach both individuals and teams based on DiSC. This program is the introductory course, mandatory for the more advanced courses.

  • High value reports
  • Productive conflict handling
  • Strength assessment
  • Motivation drivers
  • Practical approach
  • Highly experienced trainer

DURATION6 weeks / 3 F2F days

ELIGIBILITYOpen for everyone


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Stora Varvsgatan 11,211 74 Malmo


DiSC Coaching Testimonials

Per-Erik is an engaging yet calm trainer. He managed to quickly create a relaxed climate that allowed us to focus. I especially enjoyed the practical approach with stories that gave context. I highly recommend Per-Erik as a DiSC-trainer to anyone interested in the tools.