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Everything DiSC® helps leaders and coworkers have more effective communication. Our report is validated in Swedish and based on a Swedish norm group, something you won’t get with English versions.

DiSC is not a personality test but a report showing your preferences in communication and behaviors. DiSC is frequently used worldwide to sharpen the awareness of your own preferences and train your flexibility in meeting other people’s preferences.

If used correctly it gives the individual or group a constructive foundation for reflecting on their own choices.

We have experience in helping leaders and organisations with:

  • Leadership development, both individually and in groups
  • Creating a good climate of cooperation and consensus on goals and action plans
  • Sales and communication training
  • Talent development

We dissociate ourselves from the appliance which assumes that some profiles are better than others when it comes to different occupations. We are convinced that the individual is able to adapt, and that competence is not dependent on a person’s preference. We use DiSC bearing in mind that the individual is far more complex than their DiSC result.

In all too many groups the eagerness to discuss abates, and this prevents the development of the dynamic necessary for everybody’s competencies to be fully exploited. We have found that DiSC is helping groups wanting to get more out of their cooperation. In our management team development, we rely on methods for power measurement that have been validated by OSH research.

Here you can watch Per-Erik Persson share his view on how to use the DiSC tool. This was filmed during a video-based workshop that we produced to meet the needs of workgroups when there is no time for a physical meeting. For more information, please contact us!

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