Evgenia Ogarkova

Coaching, DiSC, Team development, Leadership training.

I work hard to ensure my clients get lasting results faster while remaining congruent with their values, feeling fulfilled and improving the quality of their lives.

​With three degrees, including an MBA, I have a unique set of skills to work with. For over 12 years, I was the Director of Finance and Business Development in a global company present in 110 countries. Given my diverse academic and international business background I fully appreciate complexity of the modern business landscape and have lots of management and hands-on experience on how to make businesses and teams succeed through challenging times and excel in a multi-cultural environment.

​My beloved immediate family consists of a husband whom I have known since school, two kids and a turtle. My wider family are international and live in Russia, Norway, England and France. Born in Moscow, Russia, I currently live in London England.