Louise Johansson

Workplace Consultant

As a coach and staff developer, I am driven by my fascination for communication in every conceivable form and context. With my background as a biologist, I see how important communication is and how all living beings, even single-celled animals, can convey information.

My main driving force is to listen in and follow my clients on their way to a richer life, whether this is done through individual or group coaching.

Getting involved in creating well-functioning groups that work towards the same goals and trust each other is a great privilege.

Experience as a trained project manager has taught me to work with the client from a helicopter perspective on the situation, no matter what the challenge is. Then we break down the path to the goal in smaller steps that feel attainable. I am a support all the way to the goal.

Nature is an important source of inspiration and recreation. That is why I am active in the Swedish Outdoor Association and love to be out in the woods and land with my family.

Languages: Swedish, English and Danish
Passion: Nature in all forms and communication
Qualities: In the now and empathetic

Name: Louise Johansson
Email: louise@motive.management