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The Motive Team

HQ are in Sweden (Malmö) and our growing network lets us reach the world from London, New York and Moscow.

Per-Erik Persson

Management Consultant, Founder


Karolina Mazetyte

Management Consultant


Louise Scheele Elling

Management Consultant

Olga Oslon

Management Consultant


Evgenia Ogarkova

Management Consultant


Lotta Bergström



Louise Johansson

Workplace Consultant





Andreas Stephens



Erik Svensson

Workplace Wellness Consultant


Sandra Bernhardsson

Personal Trainer



The UN has established which challenges humanity needs to address in the 21st century – we have the awareness, what we must do now is go from word to action.


Every progressive company knows that the ability to change is crucial to optimal performance. This change requires shared knowledge and shared action, as well as shared incentives.


Cognitive Sciences are continually offering new understandings of how we function as individuals and in groups. This knowledge provides new possibilities to achieve the types of behaviour we strive to obtain.


In our definition of a sustainable future, mankind still plays an important part. We believe that all individuals are capable of acting empathically with others. That is why we create conditions promoting the development of a bigger cognitive competence, so that your compassion may reach far and beyond yourself. Then you will perform miracles.

We know that people and organizations who learn effective methods to control their thought- and behavioral patterns better develop in line with their ambitions.


1. Starting Point

Together we analyse the situation in your organisation and figure out exactly what you want to achieve, so that defined goals and expectations can be created.

2. Beginning

We review your needs, and customise a solution based on your specific challenges and possibilities.

3. Steps

We design powerful experiences and support the implementation. We then follow the progress closely, and make swift adjustments if necessary.

4. Goal

We follow up on the development to ensure a successful outcome. When you have reached your goals our work is done!

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All companies have different needs so we promise to listen before we propose any remedy.

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