How and why we work with training employees

We know that real change requires you to be active, participate and engage. That’s why we work with experience design, to let you get a feel for the new state, the desired state. Then we help you to formulate the actions needed to change and we follow up to help you stay on track.

Behavior and results

DISC – Per-Erik use this tool to open up discussions about our differences.We like to talk about diversity but seem in many cases to have a problem in really allowing a diversity of expressions. The DISC can be used in many ways, some more effective than other. We believe that the DISC should be used to help people understand the importance of adapting and to create a set of words (not letters!) that allow for individuals to express themselves as who they are.

Team up or die out!

Employees leave great companies if the team dynamics aren’t great. Getting teams to work and support each other is a must for any business. Are you putting enough focus on how your teams are doing? If you don’t know for sure let us help you assess your teams. We support you to make sure that your teams are high-performing.

Change their workplace culture?

People aren’t robots nor flowers, still we seem to thrive in different environments, how come? How could you as a business leader understand the concept of culture and how can managers support rather than control others in order to create a flourishing culture we people open up and grow – a bit like flowers.

Need help?

We want to hear about your needs.

All companies have different needs so we promise to listen before we propose any remedy.

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