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Team Development

We provide you with tools and follow you until you are a sustainable team pulling in the same direction.

In order for groups and companies to move in the same direction, common goals are required. And to ensure progress we provide follow-up.

It is simple in theory but has proven to be more difficult in practice. Our business model is based on the fact that you actually succeed, we think that is fair.

360 Report

​”Do Swedish firms REALLY do performance reviews?”

This reflection comes from a CEO with a long career outside Sweden. We agree with him and link the question to below-average processes for performance reviews. Most companies lack a reliable 360 process.

A good process will allow you to collect usable feedback from the right people. It will reduce bias by aggregation from multiple sources using specific and adapted questions. Pair the 360 with a high-quality follow-up process involving all managers and you can expect to increase trust for managers overall. (Read more)

Strategy Implementation

If strategy implementation was simple then more would succeed. We are a partner who believe in clarity and follow-up, follow-up, and follow-up.

We join at an early stage to support your strategic implementation.

​Most strategy implementations fail. With us as a partner, no balls are dropped, we support where necessary and ensure that the focus is on the right things. If you want to succeed, give us a call.

Leadership Development

​All companies need individuals who are prepared to take responsibility; Individuals who are prepared to grow so that the company can grow.

We build our programs on models that are grounded in how the brain works, which makes us different to others in the field. What behaviors do your strategies require? Have your leaders understood your ambitions?


Do you have trouble getting an overview of your situation or need new perspectives? We know it’s easy to follow old patterns, but we’ll help you find new ways.

​Coaching can, for example, be used as an additional support for new managers or people who are struggling.

​We believe in the power of the individual to consciously change their behavior. We have individual solutions focusing on creating results in the workplace.

Need help?

We want to hear about your needs.

All companies have different needs so we promise to listen before we propose any remedy.

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