Erik Svensson

Workplace wellness, cognitive wellbeing and movement coaching

The core of an effective and sustainable organization is the health of the people that are a part of it. We have evolved to move and relate to others, but the culture and environment of the workplace is not what our bodies and minds are adapted for. A vast amount of research has now connected properly implemented workplace wellness programs to increased employee retention, increased productivity, reduced sick leave, and improved mood of employees. The effect on the organization and the ROI of implementing such a program is significant and the evidence for this is just as well documented.

​I apply my holistic understanding and experience of research backed methods to have a profound effect on health and performance on both the individual and organizational level.

My passion for movement and physical freedom spills over into everything I do. I take care of myself through various forms of movement including but not limited to strength training, climbing, yoga and running.

Languages: English and Swedish
Passion: Helping others to be able to do the things that they want to be able to do, without pain.

Erik has a Masters in Sustainable Leadership and a certified Motive Management Team Trainer, Mobility WOD Movement & Mobility Specialist and My Foot Function Practitioner. He specialises in posture, developing daily movement habits, running and swimming technique.

“Erik is one of those workshop leaders that has contributed to a big change in my workstyle. He is a true sedentary lifestyle crusader and working with him has definitely made an impact on my job performance and health! Recommended”

Name: Erik Svensson
Phone: +46731503172